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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Trees Very High
Oak High
Grass Moderate
Weeds Absent
Mold Spores High
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Pollen/Mold Spores

The outdoor air is sampled for the previous 24 hour period using a device called a Burkard air sampler. The Burkard samples the air constantly over a 24 hour period and the airborne mold and pollen granules are captured on glass slide. The glass slide is then retrieved daily and stained before being placed under a microscope. The individual pollens and molds are then counted and classified.

The count is reported as the number of pollen granules per cubic millimeter of air/24 hours and interpreted as absent, low, moderate, or high. The mold spores are similarly counted and reported also as absent, low, moderate, or high.

These counts are also reported to a national data base.

You are welcome to view pictures of this device at http://pollencountingstation.shutterfly.com.

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